That Was Nice

That Was Nice

I was supposed to run yesterday but for various tedious reasons it ended up a rest day. Cycled in to work this morning but left the bike in the office in favor of a gentle 10km run home; along the East Dock Road and then up onto the A92.

It's nearly Spring now ad leaving at the still light 5pm gives you a nice amble through the descending twilight past Baldovie's wind turbines as the sun sets :)

Not too cold or windy and no sign of rain either. Lovely :)

I'm happy with an average of 5:37 mins per km from no pushing up a mostly uphill route wearing around 4kg of backpack. Good opportunity to concentrate on finding good form while having a laugh at The Infinite Monkey Cage podcast.

20km so far this week but no attempts at anything involving any kind of pace. I'll have to sort that out, maybe a faster 5km on Saturday.

It is taking a while but I'm feeling like a runner again.