Nice Break

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That was lovely, a really nice few days away glamping at Comrie Croft and will definitley be back there at some point. We haven't been a way for a while and a few days central Scotland's hills was really welcome. Mostly a pretty lazy time hanging around the campsite but had a trip out to the excellent Auchingarrich which Charlie very mucn enjoyed.


Charlie very excited to be staying in Kata 2, on the trail of the red squirrel's butt.


Getting the hang of making a fire. It's easy learning stuff when bacon's an incentive. Put on a half stone mostly thanks to sausages :D


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An actual holiday for us today :) Off camping in Crieff. Well. That's probably overstating it a bit, we're going for the more lazy glamping option at Comrie Croft and rather middle classly staying in a nordic woodland kata:

It's only for a few days and we have had some time down south earlier in the year (which was great) but this is our first break where we've no obligations except to have a nice time for a good while.

And Charlie's very excited. A brand new "big boy's" sleeping bag coupled with his own camping lantern has seen to that.