Natty Dreads


![](/content/images/2015/Mar/m-h-rj-f-military_green.jpg) Woo! Won a ebay thing and I've now a painfully hip Vulpine Harrington riding jacket in a delightul snot green. £60 but a

Flipping Ada

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Doh! ![](/content/images/2014/Oct/pedal.jpg) Had this happen over the weekend, the crank arm fell off mid ride. It's looking very much that the holding pins at the

Back In Black

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Horrendous weather for cycling last night but I got my cyclocross bike back from Spokes after being serviced. It's been out of action for a few months so I've been

Back To Montrose

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Great cycling weekend all in all and appropriate for a little reflection on where I've got to. Best indication was Sunday's 98km round trip to Montrose, back via Dundee. It's

Cycling Weekend

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I've set some goals. This time it's cycle straight a 100km. Not a biggy and I've allowed myself a few weeks to get there. This weekend was a good step