Ha! What a gurning idiot. But I'm pretty happy :D

That was pretty good.

Original goal was to try and improve on my current 5km time by pushing as hard as possible. A catalog of errors got in the way of that though:

  • Forgot the heart rate monitor
  • Realized watch wasn't on a kilometer in
  • So promptly gave up

The giving turned out to be the best bit. After a sulky second kilometer decided to try and get something out of the run by concentrating on form, specifically paying attention to:

  • Moving my landing foot to more mid-sole
  • Getting my trailing foot of the ground quicker
  • Going through the POSE position
  • Leaning forward from the ankle
  • Not hunching

Like last time it was a bit of a fight against habit and natural instincts with a lot of oscillation between over thinking and finding a bit of flow. But also like last time everything seemed to click on the final couple of kilometers.

Happy with that. Also quite happy that my 'giving up' pace is still on the right side of 5:30m/km

Onwards and upwards, enjoying this a lot right now. Got some goals to hit for the end of the month and I -seem- to be making some progress towards them :)