Flattered By My Phone

Definitely got the hang of running a slow 10km again after another stressless run back from work again on Friday.

Got an amazing (for me) pace of 5:18 m/km too! Except it was cobblers. I'd left my garmin watch at home and resorted to the strava Android app. Unfortunately the ropier phone based GPS seemed to think I was staggering about like a pissed idiot so the run came in at 10.6km instead of the actual 10km distance. Bugger.

See here! The first kilometer of both runs. First of all a rock steady account of events from the Garmin 620


fig(i) Fine!

And a rather more eratic record of my run from Strava on my Galaxy Note 4


fig(ii) Not so fine!

Back of the fag packet calculation relegates me to around 5:35m/km. But that's okay, it's faster than the previous day, seemed to take less effort and second of two consecutive 10k-ers. :)

EDIT: That all said the run route for the 620 at the start is pretty nonsensical as well, the first K has me taking shortcuts through houses which isn't right either. In short: I DUNNO!